Remembering spring...

Remembering spring...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Promises Kept

We sat in her office
three friends waiting out the storm
delighted to have this gift
of a morning together;
an unexpected pleasure
in the middle of a week.

Our talk turned to writing,
a passion for two of us.
The third more often
expresses herself
in the visual arts.

"You need a blog",
she said.
I'd heard it before
but fear, 
(of what I'm not sure)
and procrastination...
always procrastination...
kept me at a distance.

the rain blew horizontally
across the parking lot
and lightning flashed
as the storm continued to rage

I felt a storm of a different kind
begin to rise in my stomach
as she persisted
with her words 
so full of 
and laughter
and love.
So we gathered
around her computer
and she led the way.

She said it was easy.
Of course, I believed her.
So I promised
that I'd create one that night,
later, of course,
from my own computer.
is a clever girl.

But when "later" arrived
weariness overcame me
as the shadows darkened 
the corners of our home.
I fell asleep.

But tonight,
just one day off,
here I am,
doing something 
that scares me
as I publish my life 
out there in the world.
I am ever so grateful 
for friendships formed
around a table of prayers
and desires of the heart,
and for promises kept
to myself and dear friends.


  1. Oh my! This is amazing! As my son would say, "You are perfection!" Love you!!

  2. Wow! I love it! You are always SO inspirational, and here's one more way.

  3. Your blog and first poem help my work to clear some patches. I remember how long it can take to clear space even when I "start" right away, tricking myself saying starting is finishing. Results of my clearing do not look quite like the lovely garden in the picture. Looking back, I have been clearing a lot of space, but space I did not want to clear. I've always had small gardens, but they were nice. Maybe plant a few more small plants soon to fill the space. Share the gardening. Your blog will be good work.

  4. Jo...I posted a (long)comment and not sure why it didn't show up! Let this be a test to see if something funky happened with blogger (which is not uncommon!)

  5. Okay...I see it worked that time. What I had said before was that I had been reading Kay's blog and wondered if you had a place where I could read more of your writings. Lo, you created a blog! I am so happy about that! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  6. Yay! She's here at last and opens with a bang! Great poem! So you. Looking forward to more.