Remembering spring...

Remembering spring...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Beginnings and Endings (prompt from Max)

I'm on Day 13 of a 50 day on-line writing course.  Each morning, among other things, we receive a prompt from our coach and encourager, Max.  I'm posting some of my work on Clearing Spaces.  Seemed a good way to keep my commitment and practice the art of blogging at the same time.  They are rough pieces...we're not supposed to write the "perfect piece", just approach the blank page on a daily basis.  

Here's today's offering, 

Beginnings and Endings

Beginnings are birthed from endings,
which seems backwards
but it's the age old "which came first?" question
that bothered us as kids.
As did its cousin
"How far does the universe really go?
And if it stops, what's on the other side?"
Such musings filled our third grade conversations 
as we wondered and wandered
around the playground 
of John W. Carpenter Elementary School,
contemplating eternity.
I smile at the memory.
Never underestimate 
the thoughts of an eight year old child.

Even the creation story
with its "In the beginning..."
reminds us that the earth
was a formless void
filled with darkness,
and God
who was already on the scene
(for there is no beginning or ending to God...
always an exception to the rule)
a wind over the face of the waters
and spoke
the light into being
putting an end to total darkness.
And God called it good.

As I sit at my computer
on this Monday morning in September
watching another night end and a new day begin,
I still wonder and wander,
this time on the playground of a backlit keyboard.
And as I do,
I am ever so grateful 
for the space
to think and question, 
explore and express,
as a child long ago 
and today as an adult.
But even as I write these words,
I am aware that some children
and women
and men
do not have such freedom.

So I pray that God will continue to
over the face of creation
and speak
the Light of love into being within our hearts,
so that the darkness may end once and for all
and that God
and the whole world
will smile 
and call it good.


  1. Great beginning lines for "beginnings and endings". Nice poem which brought back playground images for me...all those recess times plotting houses outlined in the dirt with leaves.

  2. So beautiful and thought filled. I remember those playground conversations so well about what was on the other side. We were filled with questions! Still are!