Remembering spring...

Remembering spring...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Broken (writing prompt from Max)

Interesting prompt to find
on this ninth anniversary
of the day our
and hearts
were broken.

On that day
everything shifted.
We turned from
and public places.

I admit I still wince
and hold my breath
when I see an airplane
flying near the city skyline.
Crazy, I know,
but fear is rarely rational.

We grieve the loss 
and horror that will forever
be embedded in our memory.

But even as we grieve
we also trust
that out of brokenness,
as we begin to pick up the pieces
one by one
we find glimpses of grace
and love
and hope.

We remember that
the one who created
(and still creates)
weeps with those who weep.
That the one who created
(and still creates)
can take the worst
that the world has to offer
and shape it into
new possibilities
for tomorrow's dreams
even after yesterday's have been shattered.

Some things remain constant
in this ever changing world
and for that I am grateful.

So, on those days
when we feel broken,
when our core
quakes at the thought
of facing the day,
when we feel lost
and want to cry,
by busy-ness,
or sadness,
or fear;
when we forget to be still
and know that God is God,
let's help one another remember
that the very brokenness we feel
just may be the channel through which God will work,
for the one who created
still creates.
The one who created
scoops up her children
and fills in the wounds
of a broken heart
and broken world,
scarred perhaps,
but strengthened
as we move toward 
healing and wholeness and peace.

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